Sunday, May 4, 2014

Spring Clean Up Blog Hop!

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If you are organizationally challenged like me, you are loving all of these great ideas! 

I'm bringing you a quick tip for storing your math manipulatives and will have you back on your way to the next stop on the hop in no time! 

When we received our math manipulatives for our latest math series, they came in a big box like this:

There was no way I was going to spend the year digging through the box, but I didn't want to just dump all of the different manipulatives into smaller tubs, either. 

I liked the idea of keeping them in their individual bags for quick and easy distribution and clean up. I had seen ideas for using shoe racks for storage before, and I thought that would be the perfect solution. I had a very tiny classroom at the time (not even a closet!), so storage space was limited. 


I bought these clear hanging shoe racks at Walmart I think, and they have worked perfectly. In my old room, they hung on the inside of two cabinet doors. Now that I actually have closets, they hang there. I keep the ones I use most often in one, and the others in the other. When it is time to use the manipulatives, I call my table leaders to come up to get enough bags for their tables. Then they bring the bags back when we are finished. Simple and quick, just the way I like it! 

What's even better than learning some fabulous organizational tips?
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