Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Vegas 2015 Recap!

Whew! I'm sure you've seen a ton of #tptvegas15 pictures by now, so I'm just stopping by to give you a quick recap of my trip!

This was my second annual trip to Las Vegas for "teacher week." 

You can read about last year's trip {here} and {here}

This year we arrived later in the week, so I missed the I Teach 1st conference this time around. I would have LOVED to see some of the presentations, though, and I heard they were great!

After we got settled, I went up to the Exhibit Hall to explore and ended up in a GoNoodle dance party with some of my favorites! #onlyinVegas 

I know I talk about GoNoodle all the time, but I seriously love it. I'm already looking forward to introducing my new class of STARS to some Koo Koo Kanga Roo!

That first day was also my 8th wedding anniversary #070707, so my husband and I had to go out and celebrate. And what better way to celebrate than with amazing food?!

So so so SO good. 

And how sweet were they to give us that little (super delicious) dessert!?

Wednesday night was the highly-anticipated Vegas Teacher Meet Up! 

I have to tell you that I was so terribly nervous about this meet up as the event approached. The thought of walking into a room filled with over 1000 teachers and bloggers by myself was causing me major anxiety. Finally I just decided to reach out and email an Instagram friend that I had virtually connected with to see if we could go together. 


Sarah from Mrs. B's First Grade is one of my new favorite people. We became instant real life friends, and I'm so glad I was brave enough to put myself out there. 

We had such a great time meeting and talking to so many amazing teachers! 

This is only half the room. There were teachers everywhere!

I met so many people but only remembered to take a few pictures! 

I always love seeing my fellow Hoosier, Jodi Southard from Fun In First, and I was so excited to finally meet my talented blog designer, Megan Favre from A Bird in Hand Designs

Plus, we received this AMAZING teacher swag bag! 

Thank you GoNoodle, Scentos, Ellison Education, Creative Teaching Press, Carson Dellosa, Creative Clips, and any and all other sponsors of this awesome event! 

After the meet up, I was starving, so I went and had my first-ever Chipotle (and yes there is one in my city…I've just never made it over there) experience with the always stylish Elizabeth from Kickin It In Kindergarten and another new fabulous friend, Danielle Ann from DanielleAnn.com. I have never met a sweeter person, and I am so so happy we were able to get to know each other! 

Seeing old friends and making new ones was by far the best part of the trip. 

That, and I could wear my hair straight in July without it becoming three times the size and frizzing out like I just rolled out of bed. 
Just sayin.

The TPT Conference: Come Together, Go Further started the next day. 

Apparently I didn't take any pictures during the day, but that night I went with my husband and our friends who came to Vegas with us to see Rock of Ages. 

It was SO fun! 

Flash photography was not allowed, so that bottom pic was the best I could do. Still, it was an awesome show. A little on the raunchy side, but very talented performers and amazing music!

Friday was the full day of TPT conferences, and I was able to meet, connect with, and learn from even more of my favorite teacher bloggers! 

I have followed Jennifer White from First Grade Blue Skies for years. She was just as wonderful in person as I had pictured, and her session was great! The quote from Zig Zigler (pictured) was my biggest takeaway from her. 

These women are amazing! Holly Ehle, Danielle Ann, Hope King, Cara Carroll, Erin Klein, and Sarah Barnett are all incredibly talented, inspiring, and NICE people. 

Overall, it was a wonderful trip! 

My biggest takeaways:

1. Focus on the task at hand - turn off all other distractions (this one is especially tough for me).

2. Keep your to-do list for the day to a minimum so you can actually accomplish what is on it. 

3. Be Brave. Reach out. Make connections.  

These lessons can apply to all areas of my life, especially the third one. 

I absolutely adore all of the friends I've made through this blogging journey, and it only happened because I was brave enough to reach out and was willing to open myself up to new and wonderful friendships. I have learned so much from them and am inspired by them daily.

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  1. Your blog is darling! And Happy Anniversary! I wish I would have gotten to meet you in Vegas! Maybe next year!

  2. Thank you so much! Me too! :)