Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Vegas Trip - Tourist Style!

I decided to split my Vegas experience into two blog posts since I went for two different reasons. So if you're only interested in my teacher experience, stay tuned for that post later this week! This one is a recap of my time spent outside the conferences. 

When I found out that the SDE National Conferences were in Vegas last week, I mentioned it to my husband, who had been trying to convince me to take a trip without the kids for our anniversary for a while. He thought it was a great idea, of course. We hemmed and hawed over it for a couple of weeks and finally decided to go for it. We were both so glad we did! 

 It took everything I had not to burst into tears in the airport. I don't even think I told my dad I loved him when he dropped us off because I could already feel my voice cracking. 

Thankfully, my girls stayed home with my stepmom, where they were happily playing when we left. Otherwise, my husband would have had to peel me off of them to get me out the door.


It's unreal how the city of Las Vegas just appears in the middle of the desert! 

WE MADE IT!! Whew, now we just have to make it back! 

Spoiler Alert: we did. :) 

We made it to the Venetian, which is clearly GORGEOUS, and set off in search of a buffet! 

Nailed it. 

There isn't a buffet restaurant in the Venetian, so we walked next door to The Wynn, and voila. The picture says it all. If you're wishing you had "taste-o-vision" on your screen right now, you're not alone. 

We found some video craps (his back doesn't show it, but he was super excited) and then called it a night. He spent my conference days exploring this and other casinos. I'm not a gambler, so it worked out well.  

On Sunday we spent the morning at the pool then explored the hotel a little bit more. 

Then this happened. 

Carlo's Bake Shop (Cake Boss, anyone??) opened recently in The Venetian, and OMG. 
That big box was mine. 

We needed to walk off some of that deliciousness, so we headed down the strip, bought some surprises for our girls, and decided to ride the High Roller.

Um it's amazing. 

If you're ever in Vegas, do it! And go during the day, when you can have the whole cabin to yourself (plus it's cheaper)! 

Note: I told myself I would not be photographed with my hair in a ponytail while in Vegas. I literally NEVER do my hair in real life, so I vowed to actually fix it every day while we were there. 

Newsflash, Marissa: it's HOT in Vegas. Like too hot for long, thick hair in the middle of the afternoon on the strip. 

So there went that goal. 

 Sunday night we ate at Buddy V's to make it an all Buddy Valastro day (delish!) and then walked down the strip again to the Eiffel Tower at the Paris hotel. We watched the Bellagio fountains from the top. 

Best seats in the house! 

Monday was the 7th anniversary of 7-7-07 (you'd think we would've been lucky in the casinos, too, but not so much), and we found that super thoughtful gift from my dad and stepmom waiting in our room! After spending the day at I Teach 1st! (more on that later), the husband and I took a cab down to the Stratosphere to have our 7th anniversary dinner at Top of the World

As if the incredible views from this rotating restaurant weren't enough, the food was AMAZING. 

 Tuesday was our last day. After the Differentiated Instruction conference (and a nap!), we went to B&B Burger & Beer and then tried to leave with a little extra moolah in our pockets. I'm sure some people left Vegas richer than when they arrived, but not these two. Oh well. We had a great time!! And our first trip away was a success! 

When we got back to our home airport, my mother-in-law was there waiting with our daughters. Even some of the onlookers were crying when my four year old ran up to me yelling, "Mommy!" She did the same thing for her daddy (I didn't wait for him lol) and then insisted on pulling the suitcase to the van. Love that girl. :) 

Be sure to check back again later in the week for the teacher version of the trip! 

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