Thursday, July 24, 2014

Guided Math Book Study - The Final Chapter

Welcome back for the final chapter of The Primary Gal's Guided Math book study!! I am so thankful to have participated in this book study this summer. I needed the weekly deadlines to finish reading this book! It was actually one I bought last summer but never got around to reading it. 

If you saw my post about the lessons I learned in Vegas (click here to read it), you know a personal goal of mine is to READ more, especially in front of my own children. I'm going to have to learn how to turn off "The Bachelorette."

Anyway, this chapter was very short and served as the conclusion to the rest of the book. Sammons reminds us that the goal of using Guided Math in the classroom is to help students become mathematicians. 

While learning math, Sammons says students should be experiencing the following: 
  • explore problem solving in a safe environment where they can learn from their mistakes
  • have opportunities to use strategies on a variety of problems
  • identify appropriate strategies to use when problem solving
  • feel the satisfaction of solving a difficult problem
  • receive specific feedback from teachers and classmates
  • participate in mathematical conversations using appropriate vocabulary 
  • expand their mathematical knowledge through problem solving and conversations about math
  • recognize patterns and relationships 
  • make mathematical connections
She also reminds us in this chapter to use the same strategies we use to teach reading comprehension in Guided Reading in Guided Math. Instruction should be scaffolded to meet their needs in a "mathematically literate" environment, and kids should take ownership of their learning, selecting their own mathematical tasks, while constructing their own meaning in math. They should be encouraged to see the mathematical connections and should be free to make mistakes.

My favorite quote from this book can be found in this chapter. Sammons writes, "a large part of what makes learning a joyful experience for students is the relationship they have with their teachers. Only when these relationships are built are students willing to take the risks necessary for profound learning, whether in mathematics or any other subject area." Amen, sister. 

The only bad thing about this book study ending? It means summer is almost over! :( 
I went to visit my classroom this morning. I mostly just sat and stared at the walls and tried to figure out where to start. 

Then I left and went to Target. 

I'll get it done next week (procrastinators unite). :) 

I hope you have enjoyed following along with this book study and maybe even learned a little something! I know I did! Be sure to enter the final giveaway below and check out the other posts! Thanks for reading! 

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