Monday, September 1, 2014

September Currently!

Today is the first day of September, so I'm linking up with Farley at 


Here's a peek at what I'm up to right now: 

Listening: My four year old LOVES books, and she's recently started "reading" them. This makes my teacher heart cup runneth over to see her use the pictures (and what she remembers) to tell the story. 

Loving: I don't really know who came up with this whole five days of work and two days off schedule, but I'm not a fan. Four and three seems like a MUCH better balance. I love being at home with my babies! 

Thinking: My plans for the next four days are definitely not done. We have a new evaluation tool in my district this year, which will be tied to our pay, so my lesson plans have become a lot more detailed. I started using this year to plan lessons, and I love it, but it takes me FOREVER to plan. 

Wanting: We were under a heat advisory for a week. Temps in the 90's but felt like 105 with humidity like you wouldn't believe. It felt like bus duty on the Equator. We had to have indoor recess every day, and the air conditioning went out at least twice. Not fun. I'm really hoping September brings cooler temps our way! 

Needing: I think my baby redhead may have an ear infection again. But of course, it's Labor Day, so her pediatrician's office is closed. I thought the After Hours clinic was open tonight, but it was actually open during the day, so by the time I called, they were booked. And all of the Urgent Care centers have two hour waits. It would be more torturous to make my baby girl wait in a germ-infested room for two hours than to just treat her at home until I can get her into her doctor in the morning. Darn back to school germs! 

3 Trips: I need a teleporter. I HATE traveling. It takes forever, and something always goes wrong. On the way back from Vegas this summer, I set off the scanner thing, and the TSA employee yelled, "I NEED A FEMALE SUPERVISOR!" You'd think they'd have walkie talkies or something, but nope. After waiting an eternity for a female supervisor to show up, I was escorted to a private room for a lovely pat down. Not the way I like to start my day. I love visiting new places and actually being on vacation, but getting there sucks. So who knows if I'll ever actually GO to these places, but I'd love to see them eventually. 

Hope you all have had a fabulous long weekend!!


  1. Ohhhhhh, Fiji sounds amazing!! Sand, warm weather and doesn't get much better than that! Let's do it!!! :) (But I agree, something always goes wrong doesn't it?? Especially when you are toting kids along!)

    Mrs. Hodge and Her Kindergarten Kids

  2. I hear ya about the heat! It's not that hot here in PA but it's in the 90's! I just want it to be cooler too!
    I love that stage when they start to "read" - my big kids are now recommending books to me! Kinda cool!
    I hope your little one gets better soon! Oh that was a "stage" that I'm glad has passed!
    Krissy's Kindergarten

  3. I have a 4 year old daughter too! She barely wants to spend anytime learning now. She is very smart (6 year old level in many areas) but has very poor behavior (2 year old level). Do you have any good book recommendations, for her :)?

    Vacations and me don't get along so well either. I hate the planning part, finding hotels and things to do. We have not ventured out onto a plane yet but I am sure that I won't enjoy planning for that either. I think I am too "cheap" for vacations. :) This summer we took 3 mini vacations, which just made the planning worse.
    I come from a family of redheads! I hope your baby feels better soon. :)

    1. My daughter is really into Laura Numeroff this week. She's figured out the pattern of "If you give a ____, he'll ask you for a ___," so she's been filling in the blanks with what she sees in the pictures. I think it helps that her books are in her room, where she can shut the door and doesn't have to share with her baby sister for a while. :)

      As for her baby sis (who doesn't come from any redheads - we're just the king and queen of recessive genes apparently), she's got a double ear infection AND hand, foot, mouth. Yuck! :(