Saturday, August 30, 2014

Beat the Heat with a $1 Sale!!

In case you are not living in the midwest right now, it's HOT. 

As in indoorrecesseverydayduetoheatadvisory HOT. 

To beat the heat and reward everyone for surviving the sweat, I've teamed up with some blogging buds to bring you another fabulous $1 sale! 

Here are the products I've marked down to just $1 (discounted 50% or MORE)!!

First up is my BEST SELLER: Finish the Picture Writing Prompts

I gave my new group of STARS this one last week, and I love what they came up with! 

In case you're not fluent in First Grade-ese, I'll translate: "Mrs. Number had a tiny brain. It was filled with mischief. Her new class was coming into the room. 'Who's ready to do some ring fighting?' she said. 'I am!' said the class. She said, 'I mean learning!'" 

"One day I planted a seed in my garden, and I watered it, and I waited a couple weeks, and it grew big and beautiful. And I picked it, and I put it in a vase, and it smelled good in my house." 

"There was once a mother bird flying onto her nest. The baby bird was in the nest. The egg hatched that the baby bird was in. The mother bird taught the bird how to fly. The end. I love birds."


One little picture starter, so many stories!

This packet can be used with almost any grade level and includes several different versions of lined paper. Encourage your kids to be CREATIVE!!

Click the picture below to get it for just $1 today and tomorrow only! 

Next up are some fabulous Back to School packs for you!
Click the pictures to check them out!

 My kiddos LOVED these activities! The "I'm a Star" posters are hanging up in our room and make an awesome display!

 These activities are perfect to use as a quick assessment, morning work, to make a class book, or just to give you a few minutes to put some supplies away! Why wait till May to do a zoo theme when it's probably fresh in your kids' brains from summer fun? 

And finally, if you use National Geographic's Reach for Reading series, you have a star theme, or just want some cute headers, here is your Word Wall for the YEAR! 

Happy three-day weekend SHOPPING!! 

Check out all of the fabulous products below marked down to just $1 for two days! :) 

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