Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I broke down...

and went to Walmart for school supplies today! Most of my kids bring what they need the first week, but there are always some who either don't bring everything or bring the wrong color of something. You know how anal specific we teachers can be! Plus it's always nice to have some extras as the year goes on. I will have at least 6 more students in my class this year than in previous years, so I stocked up (notice the still-full bags in the background)!

Check out those two games on the right! Can't beat ready-made word work games for $2.97! As much as I am in LOVE with all of those perfect little tips on my brand new crayons, I'm so not ready for summer to be over!

I spent a few hours working in my classroom yesterday. Taking my little love with me tomorrow morning for a brief visit and to take a few pictures so you can see somewhat of a before image, even though I've already put in several mornings of work! Who says teachers don't work in the summer?!

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