My Classroom

If you saw my house, my classroom would probably surprise you. All of the rooms in my house are beige, with the exception of my daughters' rooms. But my classroom is anything but beige.

I am in love with my carpet. I bought these 18x18 foam squares from Menard's for super cheap, and they are perfect for my daily morning turn and talk. I have the red row turn to the yellow row, and the green row turn to the red row to discuss a question every morning to get our thinking started. It's perfect! I also love that my rocking chair was the one my parents had when I was a baby. It's definitely well-loved. 
Most of my book baskets are from Dollar Tree, Target, or Really Good Stuff. My husband made my pocket chart stand out of PVC pipe, and the little pocket charts on the wall that hold the CAFE strategy cards I use were in the Target Dollar Spot at back to school time. You can find my Word Wall here

The baskets along the windows are from Dollar Tree, and they hold my students' good-fit books. Their work hangs from those clothespins. I haven't always been in this room in my building, but I love it. We see all kinds of animals out those windows! 

This is the view from the rainbow carpet. I love having blank boards at the beginning of the year. By the end of the year, they are filled with anchor charts and student work! This is an older photo, though. I no longer use a clip chart, and we have netbooks instead of giant computers now. But the boards are mostly the same. And my students love to be the Star of the Week! They get to bring in something each day, and their pictures are displayed all week on the Star of the Week board. 

That's a quick tour of my room! Thanks for visiting!

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