Monday, June 9, 2014

Me Time Monday - Michigan Weekend!

I am so excited and relieved to have found this linky party by Amanda at One Extra Degree! I was feeling a little bit like a failure since I hadn't created anything for Monday Made It, so this Me Time Monday is PERFECT!

If you're anything like me, your summer schedule is JAM-PACKED. My calendar is literally covered in activities for my kids, for me, and for my family. We have Kindermusik, gymnastics, birthday parties, dentist and doctor appointments, play dates, and of course some professional development thrown in (and VEGAS of course). In the midst of the craziness (and FUN!), it's hard to squeeze in some "me time," too. Thankfully I was kind of forced to this past weekend. 

I'm a bridesmaid in my long-time BFF's wedding {we met in sixth grade, and she still makes fun of me for my alleged cat sweaters and stirrup pants - thankfully there is no evidence}, and her maid and matron of honor hosted a fabulous bachelorette weekend for her in this adorable lake house in Lakeside, Michigan. It was so stinkin' cute, and had everything ten women could need for a weekend getaway (including wine). 

Saturday morning, we awoke to the most beautiful day and headed to the beach! Toes in the sand with a view of the water is the best kind of me time. We couldn't have asked for better weather, and we all enjoyed a couple hours of basking in the sun and scenery.  

Our next stop was a wine and canvas party at JLN Studio. I had always wanted to do this, and it didn't disappoint. I don't know who thought it would be a great idea to combine drinking and art, especially while wearing nice clothes (thank goodness for plastic aprons!), but it worked out and was so much fun! 

How pretty is this bride-to-be? Love this girl. 

Finished products. The important thing is we had fun! :) 

Next up was dinner, but we chose a really popular restaurant called The Stray Dog, so we had some time to kill before our table was ready. Only one little shop along the street was open, so we all went in to look around, and when we came out, our bachelorette had her hands full. She opened them to reveal these bracelets. So corny, but I love them. And I may love this impromptu photo even more. 

After dinner, we drove back to our house for gifts and CAKE! One of our very talented friends bakes these fabulous cakes and cupcakes as a hobby, and they were just as delicious as they were beautiful. Trust me. 

I was apprehensive about leaving my girls for an entire weekend, but I'm so glad I did. It was so nice to relax and hang out with my friends, and I'm convinced that girl talk is good for the soul. 
Plus, my husband got to have a daddy-daughter weekend with our loves, which he enjoyed. He may or may not have met me at the door with them when I pulled into the garage, but he said he had a good weekend. :) 

Take a little time this summer to do something for YOU! You won't regret it. Happy mama (or teacher), happy kids. :) 

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