Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's Finally Done!

School started yesterday, and I don't think I was actually ready for students to arrive until Tuesday night! But, my classroom is done, or at least done enough. I never feel like it's actually done...I make changes every year. My last classroom finally felt done after being in it for three years, and then I had to move! But, this room is much bigger, and I've finally settled in. Here's the tour:

This is the board directly to the right when you walk in. It's ready for anchor charts and pictures of my Stars of the Week! And if you're wondering what "Secret Stories" are, I will post about those soon! 

Every teacher who walked in my room while I was covering the ugly black tops of my windows scolded me for being up there while pregnant (apparently there's an old wives tale about not raising your arms above your head??), but I managed to get it done! Now I just hope the tape holds it up all year!! My book boxes are ready to be filled up with Good Fit books!! 

 Organizational tip: Envision math came with all of these individual bags of manipulatives - perfect for use during math lessons - but how do you store them so they are readily available? These shoe racks are PERFECT! I have one on each of my closet doors and call my table leaders up to get enough for their tables when we need them. 

Reading Strategies (comprehension was too long for the board!), Word Wall, which you can check out here, CAFE board, and book baskets. Love my foam carpet, too. Each square is big enough to hold one child, and the whole thing was only around $35 at Menard's last year! 

My Daily Five anchor charts will go up there. The teacher who was in this room last year had an assistant, but I'm one student short of the "magic number" to get one, so this desk won't be in here too much longer!

I will never be able to get rid of my teacher desk/space! I applaud those of you who have, but I'm so organizationally challenged...I need all the space I can get to try to keep everything in its place! I really wish they'd take out the TV, though. It's just in the way! 

Love my Promethean Board (every classroom in our district has one), and check out the fab mailboxes I inherited from a retired teacher a few years ago! It takes up a lot of space, but it's so nice to have! The info board to the left needs my rule posters, but those are coming tomorrow! 

Hope you enjoyed the tour! 

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